Friday, September 14, 2012

Romney a RISK to US Foreign Policy

As a person with a degree in Foreign Service (BSFS - Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service from Georgetown University) I am appalled at the way Mitt Romney's behavior has negatively impacted the United States during this period of exacerbated unrest in the Middle East. Here is a list of characteristics required in a US Foreign Service Officer (FSO). There is a rigorous, highly competitive exam, with written and verbal components. Mitt Romney would not be an acceptable candidate for FSO, much less someone who would set foreign policy. His behavior during these last 3 days shows he cannot meet the first, second, sixth, and seventh requirements. To say the least.

Here is the list of FSO qualifications from the State Department:

Foreign Service Officer Qualifications - 13 DIMENSIONS

What qualities do we seek in FSO candidates? The successful candidate will demonstrate the following

dimensions that reflect the skills, abilities, and personal qualities deemed essential to the work of the Foreign Service:

1. Composure. To stay calm, poised, and effective in stressful or difficult situations; to think on one's feet, adjusting quickly to changing situations; to maintain self-control.

2. Cultural Adaptability. To work and communicate effectively and harmoniously with persons of other cultures, value systems, political beliefs, and economic circumstances; to recognize and respect differences in new and different cultural environments.

3. Experience and Motivation. To demonstrate knowledge, skills or other attributes gained from previous experience of relevance to the Foreign Service; to articulate appropriate motivation for joining the Foreign Service.

4. Information Integration and Analysis. To absorb and retain complex information drawn from a variety of sources; to draw reasoned conclusions from analysis and synthesis of available information; to evaluate the importance, reliability, and usefulness of information; to remember details of a meeting or event without the benefit of notes.

5. Initiative and Leadership. To recognize and assume responsibility for work that needs to be done; to persist in the completion of a task; to influence significantly a group’s activity, direction, or opinion; to motivate others to participate in the activity one is leading.

6. Judgment. To discern what is appropriate, practical, and realistic in a given situation; to weigh relative merits of competing demands.

7. Objectivity and Integrity. To be fair and honest; to avoid deceit, favoritism, and discrimination; to present issues frankly and fully, without injecting subjective bias; to work without letting personal bias prejudice actions.

8. Oral Communication. To speak fluently in a concise, grammatically correct, organized, precise, and persuasive manner; to convey nuances of meaning accurately; to use appropriate styles of communication to fit the audience and purpose.

9. Planning and Organizing. To prioritize and order tasks effectively, to employ a systematic approach to achieving objectives, to make appropriate use of limited resources.

10. Quantitative Analysis. To identify, compile, analyze, and draw correct conclusions from pertinent data; to recognize patterns or trends in numerical data; to perform simple mathematical operations.

11. Resourcefulness. To formulate creative alternatives or solutions to resolve problems, to show flexibility in response to unanticipated circumstances.

12. Working With Others. To interact in a constructive, cooperative, and harmonious manner; to work effectively as a team player; to establish positive relationships and gain the confidence of others; to use humor as appropriate.

13. Written Communication. To write concise, well organized, grammatically correct, effective and persuasive English in a limited amount of time.

Please note that we require no specific education level, academic major, or proficiency in a foreign language for appointment as a Foreign Service Officer.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


BOYCOTT PENNSYLVANIA, the anti-American, GESTAPO state. Donate to the ACLU to get this law overturned. IF YOU CARE ABOUT YOUR COUNTRY, YOU WILL ENFRANCHISE EVERYONE. This is the second WORST ABUSE of political power any party has perpetrated in my life time, right after George W. Bush sending our troops to die in Iraq. All businesses, sports groups, convention planners, travel agents, etc. should boycott PA.

Until this law is overturned, I will go across the river and give my patronage to *barf* New Jersey businesses.