Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Derek Anderson acts like a JERK!

This video is unbelievable. the video evidence of Anderson and Lutui laughing on the bench at the Cards-'49ers MNF game is irrefutable. Not only can he not handle the ball in a football game, he can't handle himself at a press conference. What the heck does Ken Whisenhunt see in this guy? I don't see any "swag-tangibles" at all.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Bucks Country Voters Disenfranchised by Mike Fitzpatrick

From an e-mail sent out by Patrick Murphy's campaign:
OUTRAGE: More Dem Voters Targeted by GOP Witch Hunt Voice Anger

Bucks County voters call on Mike Fitzpatrick to end political games and protect their right to vote

(Bristol, PA) – Democrats in Bucks County continue to discover that they are targets of the GOP’s witch hunt, as more learn that their names are on a list of voters that Mike Fitzpatrick and his GOP operatives are attempting to disenfranchise. Voters on the target list – including disenfranchised veterans, a nine-month pregnant woman, and college students - are joining the calls for Mike Fitzpatrick to put an end to the political games and allow their eligible vote to count.

Yesterday, Murphy listened to voters who are on the GOP’s target list express outrage over Mike Fitzpatrick and his GOP operatives’ attempt to steal the election using Florida-style Bush tactics:

“Six years ago, I put the Marine uniform on for my country and shipped out to fight in Iraq at the battle of Fallujah. I almost lost my life several times in IED blasts and fire fights. Mike Fitzpatrick, I’m asking you to step up, be a man, and stop playing political games. Let my mom’s vote count. I served my country. And I served for your freedom.” - Tony Rakoczy, decorated Marine who served in Battle of Fallujah, 2004


“I did everything I was supposed to do and sent in my vote, but Mike Fitzpatrick and the Republicans are trying to take that away. My baby fought for his country. This isn’t right.” - Patricia Rakoczy, Tony’s Mother, Levittown

“Even though I’m at college, I was determined to have my vote count. I made sure to apply on time for my ballot. I filled out my vote, signed it, double checked it, and stuck it in the mail – just like I was supposed to do. Now Mike Fitzpatrick tells me, if he gets his way, my vote won’t count because he doesn’t like how I voted. Unfortunately, Mr. Fitzpatrick, I learned in my political science intro class that it doesn’t work like that. I’m asking you to do the right thing. Stop playing political games with my right to vote.” - Sam Kiernan, Levittown

“Mike, how dare you try to disenfranchise my daughter – a registered eligible voter – because you will do anything to win your election. I know that I can look my kid in the eye and tell her I’m doing everything I can to protect people’s right to vote. Can you?” - Bill Kiernan, Levittown

“I’ve voted in Bucks County for years, and when I found out last-minute that I would be out of town for business, I immediately applied for my absentee ballot, filled it out, and sent back my vote. Yesterday, I heard I’m on Mike Fitzpatrick’s target list of the votes he’s trying to toss out – and I won’t have another chance to vote. How can he get away with this? Mike Fitzpatrick, I’m asking you to do the right thing. Stand up, be a man, and stop playing political games with my right to vote.” - Dorothy Wax, Langhorne

Other stories have been pouring in as more people learn that the GOP is attempting to strike their vote.

“My name is Amie Proctor and I live in Morrsiville. I voted absentee because I’m nine-months pregnant and am due next week. So, I might be a little preoccupied on Election Day. Just in case there was any question, I even sent the Board of Elections my doctor’s business card so they could check. Now I’m on their target list to have my vote tossed out. Who on earth do these Republicans think they are, to tell me while I’m nine-months pregnant that I can’t vote?” -Amie Proctor, Morrisville

“They can’t take away my vote. I am not going to be here on Election day. If they try to take away my vote, which is a legal vote, whoever is doing this is going to have a problem. I am a veteran of the Iraq War. I fought to preserve the right to vote. Whoever is doing this, will have to look me in the eye and explain how he can possibly do this, because he is wrong.” - Stephen Capaldi, Iraq War Veteran, Levittown

“It’s my ballot. I requested it. I signed it. I sent it in. No one sent me anything or asked me to do anything. I’m disenfranchised, and I’m angry about it.”- Vincent Plebani, 57, Langhorne

“I did fill out an absentee ballot application and I did fill it out correctly and honestly, since I am in school in Boston. I am very concerned and dismayed that Mike Fitzpatrick has discounted my vote. I wish that I were home or could get home so that my vote would count.” - Dana Roccograndi, 20, Richboro


Everybody should watch this video before they vote on Tuesday, November 2.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fresh Food is good for us all!

A farmer friend of mine sent me this chart. I don't know where he got it, but it has some good information about the specific health benefits of various fruits, vegetables, and fish. NOTE: If you click on the image, it will enlarge and a magnifying glass should appear. If you click on the magnifying glass, the print should be large enough to read.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Geography of the Recession

This is a shocking video that depicts the expansion of unemployment from 2007 to 2010. It gives a new meaning to the term "black and blue" - the highest unemployment rates are depicted using the colors black and a dark purple/blue.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

The meaning of life = FREE HUGS

I love this; this is me! I especially like the two-sided European hug, I'm going to start doing that!

Alright already, David Cook - it's time for the new album

Another teaser from Cook for his fans, one at least of whom is getting cranky waiting for the new album. Too bad Sony pulled the video of David singing "Paper Heart" at Busch Gardens before I got to hear it. :(

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Flash Opera in Philly

Members of the Philadelphia Opera Company Chorus and the cast of La Traviata broke into song in Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia. What a beautiful sound. I'm surprised there were not more people simply beaming - who can resist Brindisi?

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Shakira - Waka Waka - This Time for Africa

I love Shakira, I love her dance moves, I love the colored things in her hair and the colors and textures of Africa, I like this song, I love the way this video distills the most exciting moments of soccer into a few seconds.

The video for the Spanish version is different!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Things I have to keep track of now that I didn't have to keep track of back in the day

No wonder I am losing my mind, I have way too many things in my life that I have to keep track of. For instance: passwords; tiny little pieces of electronic equipment, such as the transformer card that lets me put my really tiny little memory card from my phone into the card reader so that I can look at all the pictures I take whenever I can't keep track of my camera; flash drives, chargers,etc. ad nauseum.

Friday, June 25, 2010

David Cook - new song

David Cook performed a new song - which hopefully will be featured on his new album - at a show at the Morongo back in February. I like it, it is a little different from the songs on his first album DCTR. "You and I ... suicide." David always has interesting insight into life and relationships. I wish he would write more melodic songs that show off his beautiful voice, though.

Here is some video of the song from YouTube: ">

Thursday, June 3, 2010

"Every Rose has a Thorn"

Every minute of being a Casey James fan on American Idol this year was totally justified by this duet on finale night. These 2 got a standing ovation and were voted as the top performance that night on every poll I've seen. It would be great if Casey would sing this on the tour, along with maybe "Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be Cowboys."

Maybe Casey James can erase a little bit of the Bush stink from Texas.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Comment in Reply to David Brooks' Op-Ed "The Story of An Angry Voter"

David Brooks' latest Op-Ed column "The Story of an Angry Voter," describes 'Ben,' a hard-working person looking for a moderate who shares his views of the way society should be, rewards for those who work hard, and no rewards for those who don't. In a comment in reply to this column, Elizabeth Fuller of Peterborough, NH makes some great points that epitomize the problem with the Tea Party movement. She wrote, "You're making it sound as if it is government that is making things unfair for Ben and those like him. Was it government that outsourced jobs? Was it government that created the huge pay imbalances between CEOs and the people who work for them? Was it government that forced banks to charge 29% interest rates on credit card balances? Was it government that invented financial products that ruined the retirement funds and savings of so many people?

No, it was lack of government and a belief that things run more smoothly when unfettered by government regulation. It is not our political system that undermines the relationship between effort and reward; it is the way business is structured, and it is the way markets work. Markets, for demographic reasons alone, richly reward undisciplined talk show hosts and manufactured pop stars who may not be putting in half the effort of a truly dedicated teacher or an office cleaner who works two jobs to eke out a living for his or her family.

If Ben is smart, he may be finally realizing what many before him have learned -- that the market is amoral and unjust, and that hard work alone can't always overcome the unfairness thrust in one's way. He may be growing up enough to understand that right and wrong are infinitely complicated constructs that cannot be reduced to the idea that they are contained in the relationship between effort and reward. Does the good that those who work in obscurity and without financial gain among the world's poor have anything to do with the relationship between effort and reward? A thoughtful Ben may be finally understanding what people mean when they say virtue is its own reward.

If Ben gets angry only because he feels he's not getting all he deserves, if he doesn't make the leap to acknowledge that without government "interference" life can be very unfair for many of us, then his anger and extremism will probably get nothing done. But if in his own discomfort he finds the key to making society more just and workable for all, then his anger and "extremism" may be much more effective than centrist gentility."