Monday, March 16, 2009

Great article - 12 ways to pray during Lent

Therese Borchard has an interesting article on Lent. Her 12 ways of praying are modern, somewhat contradictory, but very refreshing:
1. Fold Your Hands, 2. Say Thank You, 3. Light a Candle, 4. Sing the Verses, 5. Use Prayer Beads, 6. Yell Like Hell, 7. Stare at Something Holy, 8. Repeat One Word, 9. Laugh, 10. Eat and Drink, 11. Talk to the Saints, 12. Give Something Up.

I always appreciate new ways of looking at ancient traditions. Happily, I found this article on Huffington Post. What a switch from AlterNet, where writers and commenters consistently denigrate faith and religion.

That scumbag Joe Arpaio

The NY Times today has a great story about Saul Linares, a day-laborer from Hempstead, Long Island, who wrote a corrido about the repugnant antics of anti-immigrant Maricopa County Arizona Sherriff Joe Arpaio.

I can't figure out how to upload the song, but you can listen to it by following the link above.

American Idol Season 8 so far

Allison Iraheta is my favorite, though her last week's performance wasn't as much fun as I expected, maybe the pressure is getting to her. I also like Kris Allen and Megan Corkery. Danny Gokey and Adam Lambert are ok, too. Adam's performace last week WAS truly amazing, as the judges said, totally on a different level than the rest. Like David Cook, he has that ease and comfort with performance that give him an edge over the others, might be an experience thing - hopefully Allison will pick it up.

Although people have said he is actually a nice person off the show and gives to a lot of charitable causes, I am finding Simon Cowell to be totally repugnant this season. I guess in some ways that he treats everyone the same regardless of ethnicity or disability is true equal opportunity at work. However, some of his comments have been even more offensive than usual this year, to the point where I am considering muting the volume during his comments. Plus, I really don't care for the way he attempts to manipulate the public voting with his comments. Americans are capable of voting for their favorites without direction from Cowell, thank you.

Ryan looks much better in casual dress, never mind the nipple issue - jeeze, we all have them, what's the big deal?

Paula has been on the money even though she looked smashed (not smashing) last Tuesday. As David Cook said his performances last year were like a set list, I watched them back in order and was impressed with Paula "getting" David very early. I was disappointed to see David basically blow off Paula, and eagerly await Simon's verdict. Simon may be the money man, but Paula has the experience and the vocal knowledge, and it shows.

Kara - doesn't add much to the show. An interesting idea that could have paid off, but she just doesn't have that Q factor, probably what has limited her success as a recording artist as well.

Anoop Desai - has been a disappointment. I was prepared to like him in the same way as David Cook. HOWEVER, he does NOT have David's humility, instead is shoving his college boy status down our throats ("from a Duke girl like you to a Carolina boy like me") in the same way Danny's widower status was being shoved down our throats. Sure, it is a very real part of their lives, but not relevant to the singing contest, which should be how they connect with the audience.

The band - Somehow the band and back-up singers are not sounding as good as they did last year. Maybe it's because we haven't had time yet for the interaction between the band and the singers - who can forget Syesha's hot performances with the guys in the band?

Tuesday will always be TuesDave for me!

You gotta love the NY Times

Where else in all the world - "Enter your interactive N.C.A.A. Tournament bracket and compete with New York Times readers to win an Amazon Kindle. " Who else but the NYT would reward the winner of a SPORTS competition with a READING device?? Love it. I have not ordered a Kindle 2, I am standing pat with my Kindle 1. I have no desire to hear books read to me, plus I don't like the idea of no SC card slot in the Kindle 2. My Kindle is the first thing I would save in a fire, after Space Ghost(dog) of course.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Gordon Brown, son of a minister, speech to joint houses of Congress

"Our values tell us that we cannot be fully comfortable when millions go without comfort... that our society cannot be truly strong when millions are weak. And this much we know: when the strong help the weak, it makes us all stronger." This isn't necessarily the kind of thing you hear from this podium all that often, and it's to Brown's credit that he's addressing it head-on. "Whenever there is suffering, we cannot, we will not, pass by on the other side." Read more here.

Jon Stewart and Samantha Bee on Twitter

Stewart nails it again -