Monday, March 16, 2009

Great article - 12 ways to pray during Lent

Therese Borchard has an interesting article on Lent. Her 12 ways of praying are modern, somewhat contradictory, but very refreshing:
1. Fold Your Hands, 2. Say Thank You, 3. Light a Candle, 4. Sing the Verses, 5. Use Prayer Beads, 6. Yell Like Hell, 7. Stare at Something Holy, 8. Repeat One Word, 9. Laugh, 10. Eat and Drink, 11. Talk to the Saints, 12. Give Something Up.

I always appreciate new ways of looking at ancient traditions. Happily, I found this article on Huffington Post. What a switch from AlterNet, where writers and commenters consistently denigrate faith and religion.

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