Friday, July 20, 2012

You didn't build that ... FACT CHECK = TRUE

Take a look at this video on Fox News.
The panel of 3 people discuss whether or not President Obama's statement "You didn't build that ..." was taken out of context.

First, as is the norm with Fox, not one of the panelists is impartial, their conclusion is pre-determined by their political opinions.

Second, "that". I believe Obama was referring to bridges, roads, all the things he mentioned in the previous sentence. It's a lot simpler than people make it out to be. Just like Ann Romney's "you people" was referring to the media, IMO. Over-thinking to fill 24 hour news cycle strikes again.

Third, watching this video, one thing became immediately apparent to me. The analysts on the panel are either unable or unwilling to understand President Obama's complex thought process. The point Obama makes is that nothing occurs in a vacuum. On the surface, you see a successful business. BUT, if you have the ability to ANALYZE, SYNTHESIZE, and EXTRAPOLATE, you see below the surface and beyond the immediate focus to a myriad of support structures and systems that all contribute to a business' success. The President's point is that investment in these structures and systems is ESSENTIAL for American business to thrive. This is irrefutable. Mitt Romney's position - that businesses should not be taxed because they create jobs - is demonstrably flawed. Just look at the banking industry, the oil industry, and the pharmaceutical industry for examples of how record-breaking profits have failed to restore the US economy.

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