Friday, October 5, 2012

KitchenAid's Political Tweet

On the evening of October 3, during the first presidential debate between President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, the following Tweet was sent:

According to the LA Times, 

"The appliance maker, which is owned by Whirlpool Corp., quickly deleted the tweet. Cynthia Soledad, a KitchenAid marketing executive, issued a series of apologies via Twitter and Facebook.
"I would like to personally apologize to President @BarackObama, his family and everyone on Twitter for the offensive tweet sent earlier," she wrote. "It was carelessly sent in error by a member of our Twitter team who, needless to say, won't be tweeting for us anymore.""

Whether intentionally or not, yet another line has been crossed in the disrespectful treatment of the President of the United States .  From Joe Wilson shouting out "You lie!" during the State of the Union, to Mitt Romney's blatant disrespect and dishonesty during the debate, and now to this stupid tweet which denigrated the President's family, there is a trend toward more and more open disrespect of both Barack Obama personally and the office he occupies.  

Assuming that the US survives as a united nation, history will look back on this as America's Dark Ages, where knowledge, science, and fact are devalued, when racism rears its ugly head, and where corporate greed and selfishness have devastated the economy.  One small tweet, but with repercussions that have yet to be fully measured.  For shame, America.  For shame, KitchenAid.  For shame, Cynthia Soledad, for tolerating someone with so few values on your "team."

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