Thursday, October 18, 2012

Mitt Romney is PANNED by his father's former aide

The New York Times has published an essay by Walt DeVries, an aide to George Romney during his political career.  In the essay, DeVries says he has tracked Mitt Romney's shifts in his positions on such issues as abortion, equal pay for women - sometimes by 180 degrees, sometimes by 360 - and counted 30 such shifts.  This is in stark contrast, DeVries writes, to George Romney, whose "strength as a politician and public office holder was his ability and determination to develop and hold consistent policy positions over his life."  DeVries further states that George Romney often campaigned in factories and union halls, and never would have been seen with the likes of Sheldon Adelson and Donald Trump. It is definitely worth reading this essay through.

THIS is the Mitt Romney America needs to see.  The weasel, the snake-oil salesman.  The man who will say anything, do anything to get elected.  The man who has no core values, no real "dream" to share with the American people.  The man who privately disparages half of America, who sees women in binders, not as productive members of the work force.  The man who was for it before he was against it.  The man who is willing to use the dead bodies of American servicemen and civil servants for political gain.

It is embarrassing that so many Americans are incapable of seeing through Mitt Romney.  And to those you counter that President Obama has flaws as well, of course he does.  But they are in the ways he has acted on his core beliefs, not on those core beliefs themselves.

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