Friday, November 7, 2008

David Cook Light On official music video

Here is Cook's Light On video. I am disappointed. I have grown to like Light On more and more, but the video not so much. The song has so much dramatic potential - leave a light on - in a window, in a lighthouse, a candle burning, etc. etc. But the video just doesn't do justice to the song. Look at the theme - boy meets girl - how cliche. It is a timeless theme, but the whole bus boy thing is so old fashioned. David is in LA for pete's sake - why not go for some glitz? Or use current events - it would have been really cool to do a soldier packing and getting ready to deploy overseas, asking his wife or girlfriend to leave a light on.

Plus, there are a bunch of flaws that seem to jump right out - lip synching in the acoustic part, sweatshirt on-sweatshirt off, David over-acting a little (points to head).

Take all this with a grain of salt, however - coming from a huge Cook fan. I guess it is like having a kid, you are hyper conscious of what they're doing! Anyway, here is the video:

Light On (Official Music Video)

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