Wednesday, November 5, 2008

WE WON!!!!

Amazingly, I have had many more tears since we won this election than I had when we lost. There have been so many moving images and experiences.

Here is the video of President-elect Obama's victory speech from Grant Park in Chicago:

Here is John McCain's concession speech, surprisingly gracious at times:

Here is President Bush congratulating President-elect Obama and pledging his cooperation.

Here is Condi Rice's reaction Obama's election:


Anonymous said...

I was also surprised to see every Republican's response as being gracious and classy, the way every American should be. Funny, though--can't recall Democrats ever really behaving that way when losing. If this election had turned out any other way, you know you guys would have been rioting in the streets and whining for another four years. I was very proud to see that my party was extremely mature and above all of that, despite our parties' disagreements.

Ann said...

You are still clinging to your partisan mis-perceptions. Most Republican candidates should be deeply ashamed of the way they conducted themselves during this campaign, trying to win votes by spreading lies and insults based on hatred and fear. To truly understand class, contrast Obama's victory speech with George W. Bush's speech. Bush won both elections with miniscule, legally questionable majorities, yet he bragged about his "political capital." Barack Obama's speech was not the speech of a victorious candidate who won with a landslide, but rather that of a humble, hard-working, and above all intelligent man who was elected to the presidency in a time of crisis. I suggest you listen to President-elect Obama's historic speech over and over again, until you can put hatred and conflict aside and learn to embrace the diversity and unity of the American people.

Anonymous said...

Oh my God.

Anonymous said...

The point is, there is much hypocrisy within the democratic party. Lies? There were so many lies spread forth in your campaign as well. I'm ashamed that McCain was too much of a coward to confront those lies. And that's why he lost. Obama's speech was recycled from his coming-out speech in the '04 democrat convention. I'd be more impressed if he were more original and less cliche.

Ann said...

Gabriella, why do feel you need to post anonymously? Why was it necessary for you to unfriend us all in Facebook? The world is made up of all different kinds of people. I am very sad for you if you only want to be with people who think exactly like you.

Gaby said...

I guess I failed to realize that since you own your own domain you could just figure out anyways who is posting. For the sake of avoiding ad hominem attacks, and knowing how you feel about my views, I suppose I just wanted to protect myself. And I left facebook altogether--everyone has been "unfriended". I had become too much of an election coverage junkie and realized how much of a time waster that site was becoming for me. I'm just too old to be sitting in front of a computer that much! I'm trying to devote more time to my teaching and reading "actual" books, and I suppose deactiving my facebook account was the first step to being more productive. I was scouring the web reading way too many opinion blogs and websites and it became somewhat of an obsession for me.
And don't presume too much about me;I know how my family has been perceived in the past with their decision to homeschool us when we were younger. But I did attend a public university, and that phase has pretty much canceled out any naivete I might have had. I'm not nearly as narrow minded as you assume I am. I have friends and acquaintances on all sides of the spectrum, and have befriended pretty much any type of person you can imagine. I've dated very liberal people in the past, and in fact, have very few friends who think the way I do. Yes, I wish I had a whole group I could identify with, but I know not everyone thinks the same way.
Interestingly enough, however, not all the anonymous posts are mine.