Thursday, October 16, 2008

Al Jazeera video at Palin Rally in Ohio

And McCain said last night that he is proud of these people.

From the comment section for this video on Youtube:

pezcore640 if it sounds like an idiot, and is proud its an idiot... must be a bigot republican. lol


Anonymous said...

While these people certainly do lack sophistication in voicing their concerns, not all of those concerns are illegitimate; why do people expect us to ignore Obama's past? No one made that up..his past is just there in plain view to see, and it just so happens that a lot of people are choosing to not look at it or see it in a completely different way. That is delusional.

Ann said...

Barack Obama doesn't expect anyone to ignore his past. For Pete's sake he's written two best-selling books about his past. The part that makes McCain and his followers look ridiculous is linking Obama to terrorist because of a loose relationship with someone who committed terrorist acts 40 years ago, acts which Senator Obama has condemned. This is called "guilt by association," according to which anyone who ever took a class with William Ayres, hired or worked with William Ayres, or socialized with William Ayres can be considered a terrorist. This is ludicrous. And what is worse is that John McCain has MUCH more troublesome relationships, which he has publicly re-affirmed, with people like Gordon Liddy, who advocate violence.