Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Heyday of Atwater and Rove is over

In the October 27th NY Times, Bob Herbert wrote, "The heyday of Lee Atwater and Karl Rove is over." I sure hope so, but John McCain just didn't get the message. Herbert quotes Obama, “the time has come to move beyond the bitterness and pettiness and anger that’s consumed Washington. To end the political strategy that’s been all about division, and instead make it about addition. To build a coalition for change that stretches through red states and blue states.” And then he adds, "John McCain didn’t get it. He seemed as baffled by the new politics as an Al Jolson aficionado trying to make sense of the Beatles."

Judging from the polls, the Atwater/Rove politics of fear no longer sways a majority of American voters, although there are still plenty who buy into it. What will replace the Atwater/Rove Swift Boat-style attack? Please let it not be more Joe the Plumber.

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