Friday, October 24, 2008

Obama: Caring for family, caring for others

Here is the video of Harry Smith's interview with Obama just before Obama left the campaign trail to visit his grandmother. To me, this video confirms that Obama really does care for others the way we as Christians are called to. But others view it so very cynically - doing a search for the video that I had seen last night but didn't bookmark, I came across some comments on the Home Shopping Network Forum that view Obama's trip to Hawaii as just a ploy for more attention. It is very interesting to get glimpses of people's belief-sets through their comments on forums, and also interesting to see what kind of forums people post on!

Anyway, here is the video, and here's to the Obama-Smith bromance!

Here is the transcript for those who have been misquoting Obama, and adding "people will see" to his statement about caring for others.

Harry Smith: Lincoln said, 'All I ever hoped to be, I'd owe to her,' in speaking about his mother. Your grandmother was very much like a mother to you. How important is this trip? Barack Obama: It's very important to me. That - my mother was a single mom, so she raised me with the help of my grandparents. And so, my grandmother, my grandfather, and my mom, they're really the people who took care of me, all throughout my childhood. My grandmother's the last one left. She has really been the rock of the family, the foundation of the family. Whatever strength, discipline - that - that I have - it comes from her."
Harry Smith: You've said in the past that you regretted - your own mother's illness - and her death came so quickly. You didn't have time to get back to see her.
Barack Obama: Yeah, got there too late. ... We knew - she wasn't doing well. But you know, the diagnosis was such that we thought we had a little more time, and we didn't. And so I want to make sure that I don't - I don't make - the same mistake twice.
Harry Smith: Some people say there's risk involved in this, with so little time left.
Barack Obama: Yeah, well - the - yeah, I think most people understand - that if you're not - caring for your family - then - you're probably not - the kind of person who's gonna be caring for other people.

And fuel for the bromance:

Harry Smith: Whoever gets elected president somehow has to put their arm around the whole country and say, 'We're in this together.'
Barack Obama: Yeah.
Harry Smith: Can you do that?
Barack Obama: I can.

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