Thursday, October 16, 2008

My second "Editor's Selection" from the NY Times

This morning I had a second comment tagged as an "editor's selection" in the NY Times. About "editor's selection" the Times website says: " editors aim to highlight the most interesting and thoughtful comments that represent a range of views." Today my edidtor's selection was a comment posted to Gail Collins' piece about the third debate, "Three Guys and a Table." My comment was:

October 16, 2008 10:19 am
It is a shame that what we're hearing from the candidates now is devoted to that small number of "undecideds." I have lost a lot of my passion for Barack Obama as I listen to his relentless appeal to the "middle class." What about the millions living in poverty? What about the poor - who, if they were marginalized before in our fully functioning economy, are now completely below the radar? What about the global food crisis, which has been pre-empted by the global financial crisis, but which is a life-or-death issue, not just an matter of income redistribution. I see this as one of the biggest failings of the way democracy has developed in America - what it takes to get elected in the US today is completely different than what it takes to govern wisely and justly. My fervent hope is that the Barack Obama who believes in fighting poverty and starvation still thrives beneath the politician's veneer.
— Ann Wong, Durham, PA

I had one other comment tagged as an "editor's selection" - a comment on Roger Cohen's piece "How Home Became Homeland." My comment was:

September 04, 2008 11:12 am
As many previous commenters have written, your commentary resonates strongly with me. In the last 24 hours I watched videos of journalists and photographers knocked to the ground and beaten on the streets of St. Paul, followed by the delegates at the RNC roaring with approval as Sarah Palin denigrated Barack Obama for wanting to read terrorists their rights. I heard Rudy Giuliani say that it is not its GOVERNMENT that makes America great, but its PEOPLE. As one who, like you, has lived and traveled overseas, I know that there are countries full of hard-working, religious, conscientious people all over the world. Stable governments with a Constitution and Bill of Rights like ours are much fewer and far between. What the Bush administration and the Republican right has done in eroding the fundamental rights and freedoms of our Constitution is far worse than what they've done in allowing our infrastructure to deteriorate.
— Ann Wong, Durham, PA

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