Sunday, October 5, 2008

What does the McCain campaign mean by CHANGE?


This great line is from a comment in the San Jose Mercury News posted to an article titled "Palin says Voters Don't Know the Real Obama" -

Sun, 10/05/2008 - 17:53 — Who is Sarah Palin is the question
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Sarah, sorry but you are the one that is not vetted. You are the one with all the *hit about to hit the fan.... Before you get out on a limb with your attacks against everything - Obama, the press, Tina Fey, etc.... You better understand that you are subject to whatever kind of *rap you give out.
Now, why don't you use that smart brain of yours with all the executive experience to get some ideas on the table on how to solve America's problems.
America's problems have nothing to do with Ayres or Wright. And Obama is not responsible for them. Obama has the right ideas and the right agenda.
So, Sarah, and John (where did he go anyway? Taking a nap?), what is your plan - your real plan. And tell me its "change".
Obviously the "change" that McCain / Palin and the Republican campaign and supporters are talking about is - changing the subject.....
What a hopeless lot. And, it is clear that the majority of right thinking American voters will vote the Republican Party to where it belongs...

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