Sunday, October 5, 2008

Quick Takes

According to Nico Pitney on Huffington Post, Palin Misquotes Madeleine Albright: OK, not only does Sarah have trouble talking, she apparently has trouble reading. In several campaign stops on Saturday, she incorrectly repeated a quotation she said she had read on her Starbucks cup. Palin repeated the quotation as "There's a special place in hell reserved for women who don't support women," while the actual quotation is "There's a special place in hell for women who don't HELP other women." Albright is a little ticked off at Sarah's re-invention of her quotation, which whe says misses the original meaning completely.
Photo from HuffPo
UPDATE: I have to add this post from Cafe Talk at the Talking Points Memo:
A Special Place in Hell Indeed
By DF - October 5, 2008, 7:03PM
"As if campaigning in California wasn't funny enough, Sarah Palin decided to stick her chin way out and
float this doozy yesterday, in my home state.Of course, that's not quite what Ms. Albright said.Thanks, Sarah, but we're one of two states in the union with two female Senators. You may also have noticed that Nancy Pelosi, the first female Speaker of the House in U.S. history, hails from California as well. We don't need your clumsy, insipid misquotes from Starbuck's cups to inform our electoral decisions. Nor do we need you tell us how to break the glass ceiling.Perhaps Palin assumes that she can gain some ground here simply because California supported Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary, another example of why Californians don't need her suggections. Either way, we'll be happy to host her while she wastes her time and money in our fair state."

Speaking on Meet the Press this Sunday morning, Gwen Ifell said Palin more than didn't answer the questions. Ifell said: "She BLEW ME OFF!"
Both campaigns are getting personal, with Palin saying Obama is "palling around with terrorists" and the Obama campaign surrogates saying McCain is "erratic." Too bad we cannot just fast forward through all of this ...

ONE MORE - Pretty mild compared to Palin, but Saturday Hillary Clinton said that McCain is no maverick, he is just a MIMIC of Bush.

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