Friday, October 24, 2008

Ugly video of protests at last presidential debate

Here is some IWitness video that was taken outside Hofstra University at the time of the last presidential debate. It shows police officers on horseback forcing protestors back onto the sidewalk, crushing and knocking down those in front who could not move back because of crowds behind them. We saw the same technique in Minneapolis and Denver. In the video, Iraq vet Nick Morgan is knocked down, then stomped in the head by a horse. According to AlterNet: "Iraq vet Nick Morgan will undergo surgery at the Veterans Administration hospital in Philadelphia to help repair the bones in his face which were broken when a police horse trampled him at a protest outside last week's presidential debate."

It is appalling that in the US in the 21st century you take your life in your hands when you stand on a sidewalk to protest a war. I don't see anything here that makes you proud of America. The video does make me feel sorry for the horses who are forced into this kind of ugly situation.

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