Thursday, October 30, 2008

Elective Compulsive Disorder

Elective Compulsive Disorder - this is something all the best people have. I admit to having it. I am admitting it in public, just like I have admitted having OCDCD (Obsessive Compulsive David Cook Disorder). People with ECD endlessly watch the cycle of political shows on MSNBC, frequent sites like and and entered the Pick a President contest at the Washington Post. People with ECD get uncomfortable if they miss a post at The Fix, or the Swamp, or even the Top of the Ticket. They read Politico, Daily Kos, and Huffington Post religiously.

Patt Morrison has a cute little Opinion piece in the LA Times on ECD. She writes,

"I'm just glad I'm not the only obsessive. The Associated Press delivered some advice for the likes of me from Lisa Miller at Columbia University Teachers College. "Turn to those things which are more eternal and more important, such as nature and family," she says helpfully. "It's a great time to go into nature. Go camping."Camping? Like some guy who sees sex in every Rorschach blot, everything makes me think of politics. Miller's advice sent me back 20 years, when vice presidential hopeful Dan Quayle allegedly told voters in American Samoa, "You all look like happy campers to me."

Rachel Maddow is another ECD sufferer. She is travelling in elevated spheres lately; it was Obama campaign staffers who tried to reassure her that early voting is really going okay.

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