Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Palin's "logic"

Here is a comment by a lawyer posted to an article in the Washington Post on McCain's campaign appearance in Ohio:

Guilt by association. How does Palin's reasoning go?
1.)Barack Hussein Obama is Muslim because of his middle name.
2.)All Muslims are terrorists
3.)Some non-Muslim people are terrorists too
4.)Bill Ayers is a terrorist
5.)Obama is acquainted with Bill Ayers, who's a terrorist
6.)Obama is a terrorist AND a Muslim
Therefore, everybody named Bill is a terrorist.
You betcha!
Mavis Hussein Darling, esq.

And here's another 'light-hearted' look at Obama smears:

The BLACK Hussein socialist, commie, pinko, trotskyite, leninist, maoist, stalinist, anarchist, nihilist, muslim islamo facist terrorist, friend of terrorists is gonna be PRESIDENT of the United States!
Its gonna be a great day!!
:-) Heehee..

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