Friday, October 31, 2008

David Cook Walmart Soundcheck Preview

David Cook's eponymous album drops on November 18th. Leading up to that are a bunch of tv appearances and other events, including being the featured artist on Walmart's Soundcheck. (aarrggghhh, yuck I HATE mentioning Walmart.) Anyway, on the Soundcheck
site there are 10 pictures of David with his band. Here is the preview video:

Dave is sounding a little pompous here, hope the album is not pompous. BTW, here are Cook's latest download sales figures from USA Today's Idol Chatter: David C.'s Light On, after falling 43-77 last week, rebounds and then some to 35, selling 34,000, a 123% gain, for a total of 189,000. Meanwhile, The Time of My Life also bounces upward, 118-94, selling 13,000, up 34%, for a total of 970,000.

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