Friday, October 24, 2008

Who's afraid of the Boogie Man?

Here is the trailer for the film "Boogie Man," which is the story of Lee Atwater, father of sleaze politics. Karl Rove is Atwater's protege. Buzzflash's review says, "For Atwater, politics wasn't personal; it was just about winning by disemboweling your opponent and then desecrating his grave." The DVD will be available on October 28th. You can order it from Buzzflash for a $30 donation (free shipping). I think it is very important to understand this kind of sleaze politics that not only kept Democrats from being elected (and consequently keeping Republicans out of jail) but also almost brought down a sitting US president. That Barack Obama is apparently winning this election is testament to his campaign's ability to minimize the effects of these destructive, "Swift Boat"/Willie Horton-style attacks. Or maybe Americans are finally just getting sick and tired of the sleaze.

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