Wednesday, October 29, 2008

DAVID COOK SNL, IPOD app and more!

It's a big news day for David Cook fans!

  1. There is a new app available with "Light On" downloads that will light up your Iphone or iPODtouch when you play Cook's single "Light On." Nuts to me because I don't have either of those, plus I decided not to download anymore from ITunes after my frustrating experience trying to get "Light On" onto a CD. (What's the deal with spelling these "I" apps, anyway - are they capital or lower case i's???)

  2. David will be appearing on Saturday Night Live this Saturday, November 1st!!! with his new band. The band includes Neil Tiemann and Andy Skib from Midwest Kings, and 2 new guys who were selected by audition. One of the new guys is bass player Joey Clement, check out his MySpace page, he looks a lot like John Mayer to me. The other one is Kyle Peek (thanks, misskatieleigh). Here is Kyle's MySpace page. And if we're doing all this linking, Andy's page. I don't know if Neil has a page.

  3. David has filmed the music video for "Light On" at a football field "somewhere in LA" - the video is below.

  4. David will be appearing on Good Morning America on November 17. And if my friend Lynne signs up on Dave's official website, I might have a chance to win a ticket to the show!

  5. The cover and song titles from David's eponymous album have been available for awhile. Here are the song titles, and below is the cover: 1 Declaration, 2 Heroes, 3 Light On, 4 Come Back to Me, 5 Life on the Moon, 6 Bar-ba-sol, 7 Mr. Sensitive, 8 Lie, 9 I Did It for You, 10 Avalanche, 11 Permanent, 12 A Daily AntheM, and BONUS TRACK The Time Of My Life.

6. Rolling Stone's new article about David is headlined "David Cook Crafts Heaviest "American Idol" Album Yet. "

7. David Cook's upcoming TV appearances: (courtesy of here)

Saturday Night Live - 11/01/2008, NBC, 11:30PM/10:30PMc. David will be the musical guest, singing two songs. Many of us are hoping and praying that he'll be in a sketch, too, since we know how funny he is, so be sure to tune in for (or record) the whole thing!

The Tonight Show with Jay Leno - 11/14/08, NBC, 11:35PM ET/PT

Good Morning America - Fall Concert Series - 11/17/08, ABC, 7AM ET/PT

Live with Regis and Kelly - 11/19/08, Various times and networks

VSpot Top 20 Countdown - 11/22/08, VH1, 9-11AM ET/PT

The Ellen Degeneres Show - 11/26/08, Various times and networks (usually NBC)

MJ's blog has the casting details for the video:

"All American guy. Not looking for a male model. Need someone with acting ability and a great attitude…young charming looks please.” And for the female lead, “All American pretty girl next door. Must having acting ability and a great attitude. Not looking for model.”

Some of the other roles: Young fit All American football hero types. Character actress with an all American Mom look. Punks, skaters, hiphop types, nerds, cowboys. All looks shapes and sizes."

Here is another video, an interview with Entertainment Weekly:

Here is what the lighter application actually looks like - pretty cool~!


misskatieleigh said...

the "other one" is Kyle Peek, fyi.

Ann said...

Thanks, misskatieleigh. I didn't mean it to sound like McCain calling Obama "that one." There is now a link to Kyle's myspace page.