Saturday, October 18, 2008

Rep. Michelle Bachman wants to revive the House Committee on UnAmerican Activities

Appearing on Chris Matthews' show "Hardball," Minnesota Representative Michelle Bachmann stated that Barack Obama has a leftist, liberal, and anti-American agenda. She called for the media to launch a thorough investigation of Congress to identify those who are anti-American - namely, anyone whose views are different than hers. Matthews succeeded in manipulating Bachmann into saying that those members of Congress, including Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, who are liberals are anti-American. Apparently Bachmann missed the signifiance of the title of Matthews' show, and was un-prepared for him to play hardball.

A private individual has launched a campaign to call for Congress to censure Rep. Bachmann because of her remarks. Visit to see the video of Bachmann's appearance on "Hardball" and to sign the petition to call for Congress to censure her.
UPDATE 3: has 47,887 signatures so far - updated 10/20 12:44 p.m.

UPDATE: Even better than signing a petition to censure Bachmann, why not donate to her opponent? Go here:

UPDATE 2: Here is The Nation magazine editor Katrina Vanden Heuvel responding to Bachmann's remarks to Chris Matthews: (and also a little Pat Buchanan)

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