Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Eve of the debate

The Washington Post style section has a very insight-filled, detailed examination of Sarah Palin's speaking style and how it affects her listeners. The article is called "Shooting from the Hip, with a Smile to Boot." Author Libby Copeland seems to really understand both those who just looove Palin, as well as those who are revolted by her "nasal twang." Good reading in preparation for the debate.

A snippet for you:

Wait, did you see that? There! She did it again: wrinkled up her nose in a way that either looks like a sneer or is adorably reminiscent of Samantha from "Bewitched." Depending on whom you talk to ...

People love her so. People hate her so. At the heart of it is the delivery, a style of speaking we'll see again in tomorrow night's debate, a style that reaches past folksy and veers into the territory of -- to hell with it, cue the charges of sexism -- cute.

"She's perky, she's spunky," says Republican speechwriter Landon Parvin, who has written for both Presidents Bush. "She has this quality -- in a 1950s comedy, her father would call her 'Button.' "

"This allows her to get away with murder," he says.

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