Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Betty Bowers - America's Best Christian - Interviews Sarah Palin

I received this in my e-mail this morning. Betty can sometimes be pretty snarky, but with this one she is right on! This appraisal is the one that best fits why I personally am bothered by Sarah Palin.

Betty Bowers Interviews Sarah Palin

Last night, I interviewed Sarah Palin for "The No Sin Zone." And it didn't go well. Frankly, the ratio of pit-bull to Mary Kay was shockingly steep. Coming off her smarmily inept ABC interview with "Charlie" (a name now welded to my consciousness, as if by a nervously wielded pneumatic rivet gun), I suspect Sarah thought she was in for the type of pragmatic obliviousness that springs from a "Winning First" approach to facts. And the notion that reality should spring from party politics, not the other way around. Truly, it's been a long time -- OK, 4 years! -- since a politician so ruthlessly benefited from "values voters" turning a carefully choreographed once-censorious, now-blind e ye to any value other than not spending the next four years with the name of a loser on their bumper.

Fortunately, I have the gift of discerning coy sins less careful Christians -- and my inattentive Savior -- routinely overlook. And as founder of
Bringing Integrity To Christian Homemakers, one sin pings my values radar louder than an incoming sortie of foul smelling demons: Narcissistic parents who irresponsibly spit out babies they have neither the interest nor time to care about. That's the problem with people who regard birth as simply the end of a pregnancy, rather than the beginning of a life. Birth marks the start of work, not a self-congratulatory furlough. Absent through either a preoccupation with stoking a ravenous blast furnace of an ego (Mrs. Palin) or simply because he'd rather be fishing (Mr. Palin), the Palins selfishly make a shambles of their children's lives. Drugs, sex, alcoho l, vendetta's and arrests! Honestly, it all sounds a bit like Gossip Girl, only in a pioneer setting with a wardrobe by Sears. [or Gore-Tex]

What is most telling about all this is not that abandoned teenagers sometimes make bad choices, but that they are not always the most irresponsible people in the house. Mr. & Mrs. Palin responded to missteps by teenage strangers in their house by shipping them both off to live with someone with more time or patience for undergoing the bother of raising children. The daughter was sent to live with an aunt. And the son was jetted off to live with a family in Michigan! Honestly, do any of you believe American jobs would be safe under a President Palin, someone who outsources even her own parenting?

Well, the gals at B.I.T.C.H. don't go for that slapdash approach to the well being of America's children! We are rather concerned that Sarah is running as a "Hockey Mom" and a "PTA Mom," but when anyone dares to look into what type of "Mom" she actually is, we are told that her children's lives -- and the trail of discarded beer and OxyContin bottles behind them -- are private, personal and not to be used for politics. That is, of course, unless their "Me First!" mother needs them as casting call props, either in photo ops or her endless, shamelessly opportunistic reminders that her eldest son has enlisted -- and they had a "ceremony" in case the point was lost. Given the arresting circumstances that provoked such an enlistment (probably greeted with the same enthusiasm Bristol's boyfriend is now regarding being drafted into marriage), you would think Sar ah would at least have the grace to blush each time she merchandises either her parenthood or patriotism.

So Close to Jesus, I Can Flirt Because He Knows it Isn't Going Anywhere,
Mrs. Betty Bowers
America's Best Christian

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