Friday, September 19, 2008

The mainstream media is having fun covering the McCain campaign's lies

Check out this great story about newspaper coverage of the McCain campaigns lies and distortion - 25 news outlets to be exact. With the New York Times leading the way, even the Wall Street Journal is getting a little grumpy about McCain.

I love this comment posted on the WSJ forum:

The issue is that George W. Bush has been the largest spender, creator of government (socialist) policies, and LEAST 'small government' president in United States history. I have zero confidence in my party - John McCain - to make the tough decisions necessary to rein in this monster. Am actually aghast the Journal keeps pushing McCain/Palin. How can you - in good conscience - write off the fact that McCain has stood idly by...while we have driven this country off a cliff. My Democratic friends all say (and I have pooh-pooh'd) the fact that "When Clinton left office, we were in good shape." Well - 9/11 notwithstanding - Clinton was a much better Republican than W. has been. On 11 04, I am voting for Obama/Biden. I have zero confidence in McCain/Palin to fix this mess. (posted by IanNorris )

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