Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Latest Palin Interview

In the latest installment of her interviews with Katie Couric, Sarah Palin is not quite as inarticulate as she was in previous segments. When speaking about things that she BELIEVES IN - like the right to life, Sarah Palin is more comfortable and better able to express herself. She gave a cogent answer to Couric's question about teaching evolution in school. But when asked about global warming, her tongue tripped up again and she became uncomfortable. She switched her subject and predicate, then claimed that it didn't matter WHAT the cause of global warming is, we just need to reduce it. I agree with those in the comment section of the CBS news page that featured the interview who pointed out that it's ridiculous to mitigate the effects of something without removing the cause.

In the interview, Couric asked Palin what were the sources of news she based her worldview on, harking back to a question in a previous interview about Palin not being able to travel, but getting her knowledge from books. Palin appeared to take umbrage at this question, replying that Alaska was not cut off or isolated from the rest of the US, and had plenty of news sources available. Palin didn't name one book, magazine, journal, or review that stimulated her intellectually.

Speaking of lack of intellectual stimulation, why is Willow Palin travelling with her mother? Where are Trig and Piper? Or Bristol, for that matter? I can see how travelling with a candidate can be a great educational experience for a child. But what about school? Is Willow considered as home-schooled? Aren't there requirements in the state of Alaska that require a teaching plan to be presented, including a curriculum that will be covered? Did the Palin family meet those requirements? It is a shame if Sarah Palin's kids grow up to have the same "gut-feeling over rational thought" approach that their mother has. As a comment posted on Ta-Nehisi Coates' blog on the Atlantic Site says: "The Palins are oh-for-two on getting their kids through high school, and one of them is about to marry another drop-out. If those were Obama's kids, you bet it would be talking point #1 on the nightly news."

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