Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The REALLY IMPORTANT STUFF: David Cook's 'Light On' is ONLINE NOW!!!!

David Cook's first single since "Time of my Life" is posted online here. I LOVE IT!!! It is a beautiful, haunting song, full of yearning. A poster on the Popeaters site said:

10:02 PMSep 24 2008
The first thing that I thought of when i listened to the lyrics of this remarkable song, is all the Soldiers in Iraq and Afganistan who left loved ones behind "Try to leave a light on when i'm gone, even in the daylight, shine on".....appropriate words for a Soldier telling his wife, girlfriend, husband or boyfriend that their love, and knowing that someone at home is waiting for them, is what will get them through anything they may face.Kudos to Chris Cornell for penning such incredible lyrics, and to David Cook for delivering these words so powerfully.

What do you think of David Cook's 'Light On'?
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I hate it.

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