Sunday, September 28, 2008


There is some reflection as a result of the debate that the concept of the election as based on "image" as opposed to "issues" is turning into a plus for the Democratic candidate, Barack Obama.

A comment on the Christian Science Monitor site:

A maverick is a castrated steer that exhibits erratic behavior by wandering away from the herd and getting lost. It can be rounded up and branded by anyone who finds it. If that is what McCain wishes to be, I think it is a fitting label and we should grant him his wish. 158. lorax2 09.28.08

And another one on McCain's personality:

. . . The public is picking up on something the pundits tend to ignore. And I am getting this from many of the comments appearing in this series. They are seeing a side of John McCain they hadn’t seen before–an egotist, a name-dropper, a disrespecter of his opponent–and they aren’t liking it. This would fit with the well-substantiated view that voters pay less attention to issues and more attention to personality than do the political commentators. If the second hypothesis is right,then maybe Obama was wise in holding back. He will have two more opportunities to rattle McCain’s cage enough to get him to reveal his even less pleasant side, his tendency to fly into rage.

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