Monday, September 29, 2008

Transcript of Nancy Pelosi's Speech

It was SO necessary for Nancy Pelosi to give this speech. Number One - to let the Bush Administration know that it wasn't getting away with its atrocious power grab. Number Two - to point out the disastrous policies that led to the necessity for a bailout. Number Three - To state publicly that this would be the last bailout, once and for all that it is not the policy of the US Congress to bail out bad investments. And finally, Number Four - to point out what tremendous sacrifice it would be for Democrats who opposed the policies of the last 8 years to have to step in and bail Bush out.

The speech ends:

As long as in the households of America, this crisis is being felt very immediately and being addressed at a different level, we must come back, and we will come back as soon and as often as it is necessary to make the change that is necessary. And before long we will have a new Congress, a new president of the United States, and we will be able to take our country in a new direction.

I bet it's that last part that upset the Republicans!


stive said...

Full version of Pelosi Speech which is not shown on TV, I watched here:
It shows all her speech, including the way it is the cruellest way to criticize the President calling his actions criminal!
Highly recommended!

Anonymous said...


Pelosi is a tool. She allowed her own key people to vote no for political cover, then blames the Republicans even before the vote.

Anyone wonder why her Congress has lower approval ratings than Bush? How about because she claims this stuff is so important that we have to be bipartisan, but then she doles out the "no" votes to her own people as if the issue were a political toy.


What a tool Pelosi is. And what a tool are Democrats who hide their heads in the sand about all this, thinking she's some freaking Joan of Arc.

Joan was a virgin. Pelosi is, politically speaking, a slut.

Ann said...

Way to elevate the discourse, guys!

Way to remember that this bill was to BAILOUT a REPUBLICAN President.

Way to realize the important of conveying that the BAILOUT was an EXCEPTION and would NOT become the rule.

Thanks for posting anonymously!