Wednesday, September 24, 2008

MCain wants to cancel debate: comments

I have been reading the comments on various websites about John McCain's latest campaign tactic: pulling out of the presidential debate. The LA Times, whose articles (though mostly pro-Obama) have a comment ratio of about 50-50 Obama and McCain supporters, is running about 20 to 4 comments in favor of Obama. The NY Times is running about 100 to 4 in favor of Obama.

Those four who are holding up John McCain as a sterling example of patriotic presidential material must be the ones who are getting paid per post - who else could possibly post such drivel?

Read this one from the LAT: (don't you just love the user name?)

Pelosi and Reid just dont cut it against Newt and Arnold.Imposters Obama and Biden just want to carry on withtheir rancid dog and pony show while McCain wants to put the people and their economic concerns first. America, take a deep breath and cut the cancerous duothat threatens our most sacred values....managers ofshocking vice and spreaders of spiritual pestilence a laJoseph Stalin.
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We take no prisoners and eat the wounded September 24, 2008 at 03:33 PM

[This is too much excitement for me in the last 24 hours: David Cook's new single, Detroit finally fires Matt Millen, and McCain backs out of debate.]

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