Friday, September 19, 2008

Cleveland Plain Dealer exposes lies in McCain's Jim Johnson ad

Every single ad put out by the McCain campaign gives me the creeps. The nasty, sly voices and the darkened and distorted pictures make me cringe, and that is not even mentioning the lies, distortion, and innuendo. It is hard to accept that people actually believe this stuff; I guess it is a hangover from the times when if you saw it on TV you could believe it.

According to, the latest McCain ad (and they're coming fast and furious now) is about Jim Johnson, "a longtime Democratic official who from 1991 through 1998 was the chief executive officer of Fannie Mae and was briefly -- very briefly -- in charge of vetting the backgrounds of Obama's potential vice presidents. By clever use of selective facts, McCain has created a misleading commercial.

Contrary to the commercial's suggestion, Johnson had absolutely nothing to do with selecting Biden for vice president. Johnson left the Obama campaign in June -- more than two months before Obama tapped the Delaware senator to be his running mate. "

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