Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hillary: Instead of asking each other 'Who are you for?' ask, 'Who is for you?'

My dad called at noon to let me know I was hearing it from him first: He believes that the blowback from Biden's gaffes - as when he said he thought an Obama ad was 'terrible' - would result in him being pulled from the ticket and replaced with Hillary.

On the Early Show this morning, Hillary said:

I've campaigned all over for Barack," she said. "I've been to Florida, Ohio, Nevada, New Mexico, from, you know, New Hampshire to California, and I always say to people, "I know how interested you are in this election, but instead of asking each other 'Who are you for?' ask, 'Who is for you?' And there isn't any other answer except Barack Obama and Joe Biden."

Obama reiterated that he is

"a great admirer of Sen. Clinton's," he said. "And she has been extraordinary in her support of our campaign. She's been campaigning with me. . . . She's a close, close advisor and hopefully will be that going forward. Joe Biden is also an outstanding public servant and I am very proud of the choice that I made."

Read the whole story at the LA Times.

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