Friday, September 19, 2008

New College Search Site - by students

Check out - it is a great idea: post information about colleges by students who go there. High school seniors would much rather learn from students than admissions counsellors or big book (like Princeton Review) publishers.

My first visit:
In the College Search section, colleges are listed in order of most viewed. To my excitement, UC Berkeley (where Ben is a Genetics and Plant Biology major) is listed third, Georgetown (my alma mater) is listed fifth, University of Pennsylvania (where Andy is a math major) is listed eighth, and University of Southern California (where Katy is a PR and Environmental Science major) is listed as twelfth out of 268 colleges.

Unfortunately, the site's server must not be up to the traffic, because many of the pages won't load. A NY Times article on the site must have generated a lot of interest!

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