Friday, September 19, 2008

The PAPER TRAIL - ABC News shows Palin is either lying or won't fight against rape

ABC News has published a copy of the travel authorization form filed by Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan for a trip to Washington to seek funding for an agressive anti-rape program (a crime in which Alaska posts the worst record). The form was approved by a Palin staffer, contradicting Palin's claim that Monegan's planned trip to Washington was un-authorized, which was the reason she gave for firing him.

I love this comment posted to the story:

How will the McCain campaign spin this one? She's a champion for WOMEN? Yet, FIRED her top cop because he was preparing to lobby for additional FEDERAL money to fight crimes against WOMEN in HER state???? Either she has been lying concerning the reason she fired him, or she's truly heartless concerning issues that effect women. Choose one!
Posted by:
jaybishop66 8:55 PM

Another pithy comment:

That's all we need. Another vindictive VP in the White House. The parallels to Cheney are uncanny. But, what would you expect?
Posted by:PhatKat79 8:47 PM

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