Thursday, September 18, 2008

My Boss Loves Rachel Maddow

And rightly so, it seems. Her ratings are soaring, topping Keith Olbermann and even Larry King! But very creepy that over 3 MILLION PEOPLE think Fox News is fair and balanced and watch the O'Reilly Factor and Hannity & Colmes.

Cable News ratings as published on AlterNet: (follow the link to see the breakdown by age group, I found it distracting and wanted just to look at total number of viewers)

Cable News Ratings for Tuesday, September 16

8PM - P2+

The O'Reilly Factor- 3,060,000 viewers
Election Center- 1,166,000 viewers
Countdown w/Keith Olbermann-
1,635,000 viewers
On the Money-- 207,000 viewers
Nancy Grace - 1,166,000 viewers

9 PM - P2+
Hannity & Colmes- 3,136,000 viewers
Larry King-- 1,710,000 viewers
Rachel Maddow Show- 1,801,000 viewers
Business of Innovation-- a scratch w/102,000 viewers
Glenn Beck- 656,000 viewers
by Jan Frel, an AlterNet staff writer.

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