Sunday, September 28, 2008

Palin to go to Sedona

According to the CNN Political Ticker, "Gov. Sarah Palin will now spend two and a half days near Sedona, Arizona, to prepare for Thursday's debate, instead of prepping in St Louis, as originally planned."

If I were Palin, I'd be worried. Seems to me the best place to cut Palin from the campaign would be where she signed on, Sedona. Things really look bad for the McCain campaign. If they didn't have Palin as a liability, with the bailout looking like a done deal McCain could get back to hammering on Obama as inexperienced. As for his base, they seem to accept whatever they're told (I'll post again the hysterical video from the Daily Show of Rove, Limbaugh, and Pfotenhower contradicting themselves) so it probably wouldn't reflect badly on McCain if Palin "withdraws due to family concerns."

Independents, however, would hopefully question McCain's decision-making if he switches running mates this far into the election.

Here is the Daily Show video:

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