Sunday, September 21, 2008

Letter to the editor from my "hometown paper"

The following letter was posted on the site today, under reader's voices for the Bucks County Intelligencer. It is offensive, racist, and reactionary. I can't believe that a newspaper would print a trashy letter like this one:

We can't afford "Chicago thug'
To the Editor:
Some say that come next January our great country is going to develop a bad case of BO that will only get smellier with higher taxes on everyone (no Democrat has ever lowered taxes on the middle class since the early 1960s), sanctioned infanticide, cowardice and total inexperience in handling foreign policy, refusal to utilize our own energy resources, commitment to appointing liberal, activist judges who won't base opinions on our Constitution, unsavory, un-American acquaintances and a resolution to eradicate any dissent. We can't afford the “Chicago thug” (Bill Clinton's term, not mine).
Let us pray that American voters will reject this sorry future and select experience, sanity and true compassion for our fellow citizens by supporting the McCain-Palin combination.
Helen Grim
Hilltown Township