Friday, September 26, 2008

Foreign leaders' questions for tonight's debate

The NY Times today ran an illuminating piece called "What the World Wants to Know" on what questions foreign leaders would ask at tonight's foreign policy debate between John McCain and Barack Obama. This international perspective is so often missing from news coverage in the US. The failure of the US media to present ideas from different world views is, I believe, one of the main causes of the "America First" attitude that views America to be on a level exalted above other nations of the world.

Example question:

"How would you work to restructure the United Nations to make it more representative as well as more effective? Clearly, the makeup of the Security Council is anachronistic. Would you support the expansion of its permanent membership to include (among other countries) Brazil, India, Japan and South Africa?"
RAMACHANDRA GUHA, the author of “India After Gandhi”

The Washington Post also a nice article on the debates, called "8 Questions about the Debates."

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