Thursday, September 18, 2008

Obama Campaign Runs a twofer special

The Obama campaign is running a two-for-one special. Donate now and double your impact - make a donation before midnight tonight, and it will be matched by a first-time donor.

My donation was matched by Claire S. in West Orange, NJ . She chose not to write me a personal message (I wrote one to her), but according to the Obama campaign over 90% of people do write a personal message. I wish I had saved the message I wrote her so I could post it here. Basically, I said I just gave $100 to the Obama campaign, even though my income is only $489 a month and I have three kids in college. I wrote that as a Christian, a woman, and a mother, I see Barack Obama as the clear choice to serve as President of the US. He epitomizes the things that I value most: concern for others, intellect, honesty, and diversity.

SO, please click on the link above or click here and make a donation!

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