Saturday, September 27, 2008

Jack Cafferty on Sarah Palin

Jack Cafferty didn't pull one single punch when blasting Sarah Palin on Friday. Below is a clip from his show. He says he posted the question "Is Sarah Palin qualifies to be President?" on his CNN blog, and received 12,000 e-mails in 45 minutes! Here is the clip:

One of the 600+ responses on Cafferty's blog reads:
I’m following your request to leave a comment on your blog mainly for one reason: TO SAY THANK YOU! You’ve done something I’m missing in the media, in politic and public life in genaral: Being honest! It is time for the media, and this ultimately means the people working in and for the media, to take a break and think about the responsibility the media carries in a free society. Without the media, the dream dies.

[Jack Cafferty is the perfect illustration of man's advantage over women when it comes to aging - he barely looks any older now than he did when I watched him as a kid.]

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