Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Katie Couric has a busy night

Looks like all the action's on CBS tonight. First, John McCain stood up Dave Letterman, ostensibly because he's "jumping on a plane to return to Washington." BUT Dave tracked him down as he was getting his makeup on to appear with Katie Couric. Letterman EXCORIATED McCain - who he says is a true American hero - for standing him up. Letterman then said if McCain had to rush back to Washington, he should have had his vice-presidential candidate step up to take over the campaign. We all know where that goes. Then, just to rub some salt in that wound, Letterman brought on Keith Olbermann in McCain's stead. You can watch Letterman's monologue "Where's John McCain?" here. As CBS bills it, "it ain't pretty!"

Couric did just a fair job interviewing McCain. Unlike Campbell Brown has done, she did not attempt to rebut McCain's hackneyed responses, such as "if Obama would have done the Town Hall Meetings." She also didn't ask McCain why HE is so important to the effort to resolve the conomic crisis.

Here is the video of Couric's interview with McCain:

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Then we check out the video of Katie's interview with Sarah Palin. If you didn't know this was real, you would think it was straight out of Saturday Night Live. Palin says Americans are just waiting to see what John McCain will do to solve the financial crisis, never mind those pesky polls that Americans trust Obama more when it comes to economics.

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