Thursday, September 18, 2008

DustUp: What Sarah Palin Means for Women and Politics

Check out this series in the LA Times that features Reason magazine associate editor Katherine Mangu-Ward debating feminism and politics in the Palin era with blogger and author Amanda Marcotte on such topics as "Is Palin's parental prowess fair game?" and "Who made gender an issue?"

A sample - on the question of 'Who made gender an issue?' Amanda Marcotte writes:

The media's obsession with making a bigger deal out of what is in a candidate's pants than his or her policy proposals is just part of the larger unwillingness to talk about actual policy in mainstream news outlets, particularly cable news networks. Surface issues rule. In part, it's because an honest education of the public on the candidates' major policy differences would hand this election to Obama in a landslide, driving down ratings because people wouldn't be chewing their nails staring at the screen every minute in anticipation of what's going to happen. The more they can talk about how cute Palin is, the less they have to educate the public about how McCain's economic proposals would perpetuate the bad economy and how he intends to keep us in a very unpopular war.

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