Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bristol Palin is BEAUTIFUL

There are so many things to pick on Sarah Palin about! This is on the subtle side, but one of the first things that smacked me in the face about Sarah Palin was the wording of her statement announcing Bristol's pregnancy. The second sentence starts "Our beautiful daughter Bristol came to us ..." What does that say about what Sarah Palin values about her daughter? That she is kind, caring, funny, smart? NO, SARAH AND TODD PALIN VALUE THAT THEIR DAUGHTER IS BEAUTIFUL. They value her physical development more than her cognitive development, a dissonance which "predisposes adolescents to risk-taking behavior." (I will find a better study to support this)

In response to a Tim Rutten piece called "Palin's Past" on the LA Times website I posted the following comment:13. The wording of Palin's announcement of her daughter's pregnancy is also of note for Sarah's use of the word 'beautiful' to describe Bristol - as in "Our BEAUTIFUL daughter Bristol came to us ..." I, too have a young and beautiful daughter. But the words I would use to characterize her in a public forum would be ones like 'brilliant,' 'hard-working,' 'compassionate,' and 'HILLARY CLINTON supporter.' Also, NOT PREGNANT.
Submitted by: Annie10:37 AM PDT, September 5, 2008

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