Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mental illness or moral disease?

VALUES: What are you willing to sacrifice for? Would you serve in the Army and place your life in the hands of decision-makers who are politically motivated, manufacture intelligence, and prematurely abandon diplomatic efforts? One look at George W. Bush's face during the press conference right before he invaded Iraq and you could see mostly he just wanted to kick some butt and take out Saddam Hussein. No one is going to use my sons to get more resources for Big Oil. BUT THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT MCCAIN/PALIN REPRESENT - Sarah Palin has no publicly expressed qualms about her son heading off to fight for BIG OIL.

A post-racial, equitable (i.e. nix Carly Fiorina's $24 million parachute), tolerant, multi-cultural, ecologically-aware society is what I value. (I'm sure I'll think of more things to add later). In other words, everything that McCain/Palin are NOT. Although I am a Christian, I have lived in Buddhist and Hindu households. I believe that RACISM toward having a person of color in the White House, and INTOLERANCE OF ISLAM are IGNORANT and UGLY, and no candidate in the US in the 21st century should be running a REDNECK ticket. (Rouge Cru, the name of Sarah Palin's consulting company in nowhere, means REDNECK, though strictly speaking French-wise, it should be Cru Rouge.)

Henry's niece recently posted on her Facebook that she "completely believes liberalism is a mental disease." How can she not understand that this name-calling is offensive? Because the party that she emulates engages in mud-slinging and specious logic. I myself am at the point where I believe that the Republican Right has a MORAL disease.

Not to mention that there is a total disconnect between what the right believes and reality. WE ARE NOT A NATION OF WHINERS!!!I was hoping that this election would prove to be different than 2004. In that election , people may have suspected that Bush was a bad president, but many were not personally profoundly effected, so they could still vote Republican as they always had and go about their lives. BUT, THIS YEAR the gas prices and grocery prices are so high, the global situation so dire, the national economy too obviously on the verge of crumbling, that more people will be unable to ignore the fact that the Bush administration is running the country into the ground.Unfortunately, there are still many who divorce their political/religious beliefs from daily life, and will still vote Republican as they don't see the connection between politics and the reality of their daily lives.

My kids are telling me to calm down, but once you have seen thousands more people die, the economy tank, and the global situation become precarious, ALL BECAUSE PEOPLE VOTE with their EMOTIONS and NOT THEIR BRAINS, it is hard to remain dispassionate. Take, for instance, the case of Barack Obama saying that Iran is a tiny country. He was talking about why we should continue diplomatic efforts and negotiation. He said that Iran and two other countries were tiny COMPARED TO RUSSIA, and that if we could negotiate with Russia, how could we not negotiate with Iran? THIS IS A PRETTY COMPLEX THOUGHT, too difficult for many people to follow.

I often read in the comment sections of online opinion pieces post like "Obama has done nothing and has no plans to do anything." These posts illustrate 2 points: 1. that people internalize and repeat anything they hear that resonates with them, and 2. people are lazy and would rather believe Obama has no plan than download a .pdf from his website or buy his 288 page book.

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