Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Troopergate Redux

Colbert King writes in the Washington Post:

"American voters need to know if Palin has abused the powers of the governor's office. And they need to know it before, not after, they go to the polls in November.

McCain, who professes to believe in open and transparent government, can show that his deeds can match his words. All he has to do is order his running mate, her family and her staff to cooperate fully with the Alaska legislature's investigation. McCain should also tell his running mate to release to the public, without further delay, all of the e-mails regarding Monegan and Wooten.

If, as Palin insists, she has nothing to hide, these requirements can be satisfied within 24 hours.

All John McCain has to do is say the word. Why won't he? "

Alaska Representative Les Gara's piece on the Huffinton Post called Round 2 Of McCain Troopergate Stall: Part Karl Rove, Part Laurel & Hardy is a must read! Gara writes in indignation:

"Since Monday the McCain camp has stepped up its personal attacks against Alaskans. They've continued their D.C.-style tactics against neighbors in this small state. The game plan is to find an excuse to stop our Legislature's Troopergate investigation, and hide evidence McCain's folks really don't want to surface before November's election. It's been a little Karl Rove, and parts Laurel and Hardy. "

McCain campaign charges that the Troopergate investigation is partisan are ludicrous. Off the Bus Writer Donald Craig Mitchell in Alaska writes,

"On Sunday's Meet the Press Rudy Giuliani trashed Hollis by calling the Judiciary Committee's Troopergate investigation a partisan witch hunt, for which reason, insofar as Rudy said he was concerned, Sarah has every good reason not to cooperate with it. Tom Brokaw let that pass because his producers apparently hadn't done their homework.

The actual fact of the matter is that the Judiciary Committee issued its subpoenas on a 3 to 2 vote. The two no votes were cast by Lesil McGuire (whose husband, Tom Anderson, is residing in a federal prison in Oregon for having accepted a bribe or two or three when he was a member of the Alaska House of Representatives) and Gene Therriault (an extremely good guy who is a Republican from North Pole, a Fairbanks suburb whose political culture is as conservative as Wasilla's).

Of the three yes votes, two were cast by Democrats: Hollis French and Bill Wielechowski. The third (and deciding) vote was cast by Charlie Huggins. Not only is Charlie a conservative Republican (when he cast his vote Charlie did so clad head to toe in a camouflage jump suit because he was heading out to go moose hunting), but he represents Wasilla in the Alaska Senate. So if Republican Charlie Huggins had voted the other way the investigation would have shut down and Sarah (and Todd) would have been home free of Troopergate at least through the election.

The latest??? Edward O'Callaghan, former Justice Department prosecutor and co-chief of the terrorism and national security unit of the U.S. attorney's office in New York, is now working for John McCain's presidential campaign to direct an aggressive legal strategy aimed at shutting down the pre-election ethics investigation.

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