Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I finally get it about THE CHEF - oh, and the E-MAILS

OK, I understand about firing the Chef now. The chef was in JUNEAU, where Palin rarely goes. She was in Anchorage/Wasilla for 312 days of the year, so DUH OF COURSE SHE DOESN'T NEED A CHEF IN JUNEAU.

In other Palin-related scandals:
Providing job to a campaign donor - Andree McLeod, a former state employee who once was close to Palin, filed an ethics complaint last month against Palin and others. She cited e-mail traffic that appeared to show that the governor's office improperly helped a Palin fundraiser obtain a civil service position."By withholding these emails, Sarah Palin has broken on her promise of being open, honest and transparent," McLeod said in a statement. "It's old-school politics and not the kind of reform she pledged to Alaskans." Washington Post.

OOOPS, and the e-mails are in the public domain - why? Because Todd Palin - not an elected or appointed state official - received copies. IN FACT, Todd Palin was present in many meetings without holding any official capacity. Can you imagine bringing your husband along to a meeting at work????? Not to mention the ethics and security issues.

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