Wednesday, September 17, 2008

MoDo Goes to Alaska - What Maureen Dowd finds out about Sarah Palin

Maureen Dowd (in Alaska!) likens Sarah Palin to Eliza Doolittle :

Sometimes MoDo gets it right! Read this Op-Ed piece in which Palin is compared to Eliza Doolittle. Except, Dowd says, Palin "doesn’t have to pass herself off as a different class or change her voice or be more highfalutin. The McCain campaign is reveling in its anti-intellectual tenor."

Dowd took a lot of flack in the comment section for her next OpEd entitled "Barbies for War!" In this one, she talks about Palin installing a tanning bed in the governor's mansion, meeting Obama supporters in Wasilla, and covering a Women Against Palin rally in Anchorage, where "women toted placards such as “Fess up about troopergate,” “Keep your vows off my body,” “Barbies for war!” “Sarah, please don’t put me on your enemies list,” and “McCain and Palin = McPain.”

Dowd also mentions the Fiorina Fiasco, in which our Carly said that Palin is not capable of running HP. More on this in another post ...

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